Truthfully, I’ve been fascinated with telling stories since before I can remember. From books to novels to movies, fiction has always been my favorite way to escape from the world around me. Everyone’s [adventure] in becoming a creative is different- but here’s a little bit about mine!

As a high-school student, I started as an amateur creative creating film submissions to the All American High School Film Festival. Alongside school plays, I also performed in a local civil war documentary about Ohio’s role in the underground railroad (aside from an In The Know quiz bowl tournament, this was my only time on television!).

As a college student at Duke, my creative work turned pre-professional as I co-founded, co-wrote, edited, and performed in Freshly Squeezed Pulp: an audio drama troupe that worked to modernize classic pulp fiction stories in the form of a comedy podcast. Most notably, we produced The Adventures of Tarzan® and Hazel Strong: Call to Adventure, which adapted the original Tarzan novels for modern audiences with over 11 hours of high-end edited audio content and a cast of +20 performers. In 2022, our group secured the legal trademark licensing from the original Tarzan author’s estate, Edgar Rice Burroughs Incorporated (one of the oldest pulp institutions in America), at ages spanning 19 to 24. Our group also presented at the annual Pulpfest convention in 2021. Having been a life-long fan of pulp fiction most of my life, this venture was a core part of my creative development and continues to inspire my work to this day. I also continue working as a voice actor in podcast audio dramas (check out Adventures of the Forget-Me-Nots and Something From Nothing here!).

Following this project, I’ve been working hard to become a debut novelist in the speculative thriller genre with a focus on social horror and new takes on old tropes. I’m in the process of seeking representation for a (very secretive) series I’ve been developing over the past four years with a keen interest in book to screen adaptation. In keeping with academic interests, I want to write stories that save lives; thrillers that scare but still champion human survival with an emotional core.

I wouldn’t be the creative I am today if it weren’t for the incredible advice and mentorship of some amazing authors and advisors: Robin Maxwell, Katherine DuBois (penname: Katherine Ashe), Dr. John Blackshear, Dr. Jenny Wood-Crowley, Valerie “Billie” Morton, Charles Ardai, and Matt Betts!

My dream to become a bestselling author is as strong as my desire to one day work in emergency management, and I don’t think the two aspirations are mutually exclusive. In many ways, I think my work in algorithms inspires my [adventures]- it makes them even more human! So, join me as I find my creative home- and tell me how you found yours!

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Updated: [05/25/2023]