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My name is Madeleine Gagné, but everyone just calls me Mac! If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m incredibly passionate about the subjects I study. This is a research blog where I hope to talk more about my academic endeavors and creative interests.

I’m a current PhD student at NC State University’s Computer Science Program and an aspiring debut author. As a student, I study narrative artificial intelligence and how computational modeling and storytelling can solve some of the world’s biggest communication problems together. My dissertation focus is on applying narrative AI techniques to better communicate hurricane evacuation warnings across the US. As a writer, I’m dedicated to telling stories that save lives and make space for people of all background and identities in fiction.

I invite you to join me here at Adventures & Algorithms as we explore societal benefits found from the intersection between narrative patterns and quantitative modeling. Who knows what we’ll learn together!

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    Pulp Fiction is widely regarded as the collection of early 20th century American literature, most known for its escapism, action-adventure based plotlines, serialization, and vividly illustrated covers. The genre’s name itself comes from the cheap wood pulp paper that many of these magazines were printed on. These materials allowed for widespread mass-publication on levels relatively…
  • What Is Operations Research?
            Operations research (OR) is the quantitative investigation of how humansmake decisions, with a particular focus on how analytical methodology can beapplied to making better choices. Tangentially, operations management (OM) is afield of research that utilizes the same study of OR and applies it to themanagerial strategies of running an institution. Finally, decision science (DS)is…
  • Research Spotlight
    Over the years, I’ve had the honor of meeting and working alongside a number of incredible scholars, authors, and researchers. I want to do my best as a friend and colleague to boost visibility of their work and endeavors as we all grow as scientists. As such, please see the links below to read some…

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