• Pulp Fiction is widely regarded as the collection of early 20th century American literature, most known for its escapism, action-adventure based plotlines, serialization, and vividly illustrated covers. The genre’s name itself comes from the cheap wood pulp paper that many of these magazines were printed on. These materials allowed for widespread mass-publication on levels relatively……

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  •         Operations research (OR) is the quantitative investigation of how humansmake decisions, with a particular focus on how analytical methodology can beapplied to making better choices. Tangentially, operations management (OM) is afield of research that utilizes the same study of OR and applies it to themanagerial strategies of running an institution. Finally, decision science (DS)is……

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  • Research Spotlight

    Over the years, I’ve had the honor of meeting and working alongside a number of incredible scholars, authors, and researchers. I want to do my best as a friend and colleague to boost visibility of their work and endeavors as we all grow as scientists. As such, please see the links below to read some……

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  • As a young pulp fan, I’ve found myself both really enjoying and keeping a watchful eye on the development of the Swords of Eternity Super-Arc. The series represents more than just a continuance in the ERB narrative and more distinctly the Tarzan narrative. To me, it has also been a litmus test for future developments……

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  • Activism

    Creating diverse and inclusive spaces in writing and science is essential to advancing the future of these disciplines. While I’m still learning how to be an effective activist myself, I want to point you in the direction of some prominent resources that have been doing some real good in today’s world! Some of these I’ve……

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  • To be brutally honest, I debated a lot in my head (and to friends) about creating in the first place. It felt weird to promote only my work when I know so many other incredible people changing how we see the world through STEM and writing. Don’t get me wrong- I thinks its important……

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