Thank you so much for your interest in my work! I’m truly flattered and appreciate your time. But I’m certainly not the only person wanting to show off their STEM/writing skillsets. Please check out this post to learn more about powerful female, BIPOC/POC, and/or LGBTQIA+ aspiring writers and scientists that are doing incredible things.

On the note of diversity in STEM and writing, check out this list of resources that helps promote minorities in science and the arts. Finally, if you’re a minority in STEM or writing, please write to me up on the contact section of my page– I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to promote your work through this website and/or my social media pages. Below is my academic story- but there are so many others to be shared. Let me help amplify your experience to the best of my ability!

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY WORK IN OPERATIONS RESEARCH…please feel free to visit my research page at NC State. To keep up to date with my career milestones, you can find my LinkedIn page here. For a research resume/cv, please do not hesitate to contact me.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY WORK AS A WRITER…feel free to check out my work with Freshly Squeezed Pulp. You can find my Pulpfest 2022 op-ed here. To learn more about the Like Sunshine After Rain Creative Anthology I published in, visit this page. For a writing resume/cv, please do not hesitate to contact me.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY PUBLIC SPEAKING….you can find my 2016 Columbus TEDx Talk here and my 2020 Duke TEDx Talk here.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY PERFORMANCE CREDITS…you can find my work as Jane Porter in FSP’s The Adventures of Tarzan® here, my work as Captain Iroya Meldin in The Adventures of the Forget-Me-Nots here, and my work as young Cynthia Bull in Columbus Neighborhoods Clintonville series here.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY WORK WITH THE COLLINS-MILLER PROJECT…and The New Age Girls Club, you can visit the archived site here.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ACTIVISM…I have put together a list of available resources for anyone interested here. I’m always looking for new opportunities to amplify diverse voices.

TO READ MY RESEARCH PAPERS AND PUBLICATIONS…please see the list of linked and/or downloadable research here:

A Game Theory Model for Behavioral Relations in Varecia rubra (Gagné 2021, Duke University Vertices Academic Journal, Peer Reviewed)

Findings of the 2014-2017 Collins Miller Algae-Biodiesel Research Project


UPDATED 07/05/22