2022 Reading List


  • The Secret History– Donna Tartt
  • Dejah Thoris Series– Dynamite Comics
  • The Love Hypothesis– Ali Hazelwood
  • Decision Theory: An Introduction to Dynamic Programming– John Bather
  • Operations Research: Applications and Algorithms– Wayne L. Winston
  • A Text For Production Scheduling, Inventory Control, Forecasting, and Stochastic Modeling– Hodgson & King
  • Molly American Girl Series– Valerie Tripp (Note: these are my nostalgia reads and I’m trying to learn more about how to write for children!)
  • Jane Porter: The Primordial Peril– Christopher Paul Carey and Mike Wolfer
  • Beebo Brinker (Re-Read)- Ann Bannon
  • Beyond the Gender Binary– Alok Vaid-Menon
  • Tell Me A Story: Narrative and Intelligence (Rethinking Theory)– Roger C. Schank
  • Lore Olympus (still being released) – Rachel Smythe
  • True Beauty (still being released) – Yaongyi
  • Another narrative textbook I forget the title of so I’m just writing this here as a reminder


  • Baker et al. (1978)
  • Bitran et al. (1982)
  • Billington et al. (1983)
  • Karmarkar et al. (1987)
  • Leung et al. (1988)
  • Brahimi et al. (2006)
  • Diaz-Garelli (2021)
  • Diaz-Garelli (2021)
  • Diaz-Garelli (2020)
  • Diaz-Garelli (2019)
  • Others that have yet to come out

Currently Reading:

  • GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the Sexual Binary– Joan Nestle & Others
  • Narrative Comprehension, Causality, and Coherence– Goldman, Graesser & Van Den Broek
  • Patterns, Thinking, and Cognition– Howard Margolis
  • Gone Where The Goblins Go– Matt Betts (+ providing feedback)
  • Samantha American Girl Series- Susan S. Adler
  • Wonderful weekly works from the talented authors at North Carolina State’s English Club!


  • Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple– Jan/Feb Edition 2022
  • Magnolia Magazine– Spring 2022

Next Up:

  • Final Girl Support Group– Grady Hendrix
  • Plain Bad Heroines– Emily M. Danforth
  • The Ninth House– Leigh Bardugo
  • Kit American Girl Series– Valerie Trip

Updated 03/07/2022

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