STEM & ‘Script Success Stories

To be brutally honest, I debated a lot in my head (and to friends) about creating in the first place. It felt weird to promote only my work when I know so many other incredible people changing how we see the world through STEM and writing. Don’t get me wrong- I thinks its important to be an ambitious go-getter. But there are so many other incredible scholars who need a platform to amplify their work too! So, I really want to do my part on this website to promote other minorities doing amazing work around the world in these fields, particularly BIPOC/POC, LGBTQIA+ and female-identifying STEM scholars and writers. When working on The Collins Miller Project’s New Age Girls Club, I had a similar endeavor: promote the works of other amazing ladies doing powerhouse STEM work around the globe. As I’m moving to a new platform on this website, I want to bring along the legacies of excellence these girls, as well as new friends I’ve met along the way. So check below for some links to the work of some truly incredible people!

Noble New-Age Girls (from the original CMP group)

STEM Success Stories

Want to promote your STEM work? Add your name to the list!

‘Script Success Stories

Want to promote your writing/manuscript work? Add your name to the list!

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